Cyndie Todd Skip Bibb

Me and Mr. Bibb

 Q: What do you get when a foodie /recovering playboy and a journalist/social media addict fall in love?

A: A food blogumentary!

Mr. Bibb is all about the love.  Love of good food, good drink, good fun and good friends.  Love for the good stuff is his lifestyle.  Lucky for me, I’m included.  Lucky for him, too. This is our lifestyle blog. 

     Skip Bibb and Cyndie Todd dwell in Mr. Bibb’s House of Love, based in Nashville, Tennessee. They met on MySpace in the summer of 2007.  They met in person on Halloween that same year. They have been building the House of Love ever since.  


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  1. Just a little note to say thank you following thisfloridalife. I appreciate all of my followers and I hope you have a wonderful day!

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