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As I drove home from Asheville, North Carolina recently, I heard Jimmy Buffett‘s “I Will Play for Gumbo” and became possessed with an unshakable urge to make gumbo when I got home.  Which I did.

It got me thinking about the power of music, wondering what other songs are out there that will stir up your foodie cravings?

After hours of academic research through the most respectable annals of food-related music with no special-interest sponsorships mucking it up, here are my findings (all available on iTunes):

10.  Memphis Women and Fried Chicken by The Dynatones

You’re gonna want to meet the women these guys know, unless you already know a West Tennessee gal who cooks like this.  Other than your mama.

9. It’s a tie: Hot Barbecue by George Benson and Jack McDuff or Bar-B-Q by ZZ Top

No lyrics in these songs (aside from the “barbecue” shout-out in Hot Barbecue).  But they just SOUND like a barbecue.  A little Memphis, a little Chicago, a little Texas.  You don’t want to sing with barbecue in your mouth anyway.

8. Eggs and Sausage by Tom Waits

If you hear this song either late, late at night or when you first wake up in the morning, that’s it.  You’re on your way to Waffle House.

7. Maximum Consumption by The Kinks

A little something – no, everything – for everybody.

6. Banana Pudding by Southern Culture on the Skids

SCOTS are the ultimate Southern food song artistes, with their homages to gas station fried chicken, snack crackers and Little Debbie.  I needed a dessert on this list.  So I went with ‘nana pudd’n.

5. White Castle Blues by The Smithereens

No matter how many times you’ve sworn off these little late night grease bombs, this song will put those white boxes right back in your bed.  And in the morning, you’ll have no recollection of how they got there.  Again.

4. Rubber Biscuits by The Blues Brothers

Even if you’re on a wish sandwich budget, you can chow down now.  Bow bow bow.

3. Everybody Eats When They Come to my House by Cab Calloway

Everybody’s favorite scat cat will feed you food that rhymes with your name when you stop by to mooch.

2. Cheeseburger in Paradise by Jimmy Buffett

Direct.  To the point.  Quit your damn diet. You need a cheeseburger.  Some Heinz 57 sauce.  French fries.  A big kosher pickle. And a cold draft beer.  When are you ever not in the mood?

1. I Will Play for Gumbo by Jimmy Buffett

What wouldn’t you do for gumbo?

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