The Dirty Texan


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All my friends know that I enjoy making any sort of cocktail especially those that I can put in a martini glass. I have a couple of friends that are particularly fond of “Dirty Martinis”. You can read my previous blog about classic martinis and its variations for more on dirty martinis.  But for the sake of simplicity a “dirty’ martini is simply a Gin or Vodka martini with added olive juice.

dc411eef059fd20a_IMG_8548.xlargerMy favorite vodka of recent is Tito’s, which is made in Texas.  I love the story of Tito’s Vodka, you can read more about it at  This vodka is handmade and distilled 6 times.  I understand that the magic of 6 times is because after 5 there are still some impurities and if distilled 7 times this spirit begins to lose its body. Whatever they are doing, keep it up, this vodka is smooth and I enjoy its nice clean taste. And another great feature is that its price is compelling when compared to other high-end premium vodkas.


I am also a big fan of pickled okra…. And one of the brands of hot pickled okra that I enjoy is Talk O’ Texas.  I was inspired for this cocktail when I just happened to see both products sitting on my kitchen counter at the same time.

So this is simple… just substitute the okra for the olive… and the okra brine for the olive juice in your favorite dirty vodka martini recipe.

The Dirty Texan

The Dirty Texan

The Dirty Texan Martini

Add all ingredients to a shaker filled with ice, Shake and strain into a Martini glass and add one or two pickled hot okra spears for garnish (aka appetizers!)